Advocacy is a big part of the work that PFLAG Pittsburgh members and supporters do, working to achieve LGBTQ equality through changing not only hearts and minds, but laws. We work at the community level, at the city and state level, and through PFLAG National, at the federal level to affect change so that people who are LGBTQ are safe from workplace discrimination, have the health care that they need, are safe in their homes and schools, and much, much more.


One Voice Can Change The World: The PFLAG National Policy Guide and Advocacy Toolkit is PFLAG National's guide and toolkit for PFLAG members like yourself to learn about advocacy activities, and PFLAG's legislative priorities. This publication will help you feel confident as you meet with and lobby your legislators about important issues that affect ourselves and our LGBTQ loved ones. It features issue briefs, talking points, information to help you set up a lobby visit, and techniques for gaining your Congressperson's support.

PFLAGers know that one voice can change the world, and often have the honor of witnessing that change one heart, one mind at a time. The power of these many voices woven together tell a compelling and beautiful story of love, family, affirmation, and equality for all that is not only changing lives; they are changing laws all over this country.

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