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Speakers Bureau

PFLAG Pittsburgh can provide a speaker or information table for events in the Pittsburgh area. PFLAG speakers often present to students, educators, church groups, support groups, rallies, etc. Speakers are trained to answer questions regarding LGBT issues, coming out, referrals, and resources. These speakers often discuss their personal experience with coming out and/or a loved one coming out and how they’ve dealt with these situations and issues.

Information tables provide access to our printed materials as well as a PFLAG member(s) to help answer questions. Our information tables are often requested for community and neighborhood events, resource fairs, LGBT events, educational seminars, etc.

If you would like to request a speaker or an information table, please complete the form below or use the contact link above.  Please provide detailed information regarding the event you would like PFLAG to attend [nature of event, date, time, location, other presenters, contact information, etc.]. You may also place your request via our Help Line. Once your request is received, our Speakers Bureau Coordinator will contact you to schedule your request.

Both the Speakers Bureau and Information Tables rely on PFLAG volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to be a speaker or to be available to staff info tables, please contact us. We will provide training and support. We rely on volunteers in all our efforts so your help is much appreciated. It’s also a great way to get to know PFLAG and PFLAG members in your area.

Speakers Bureau and Tabling Request Form
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